Kostenko Lyubov   Russian, 1947

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Ref.# 60
Kostenko Lyubov

Round dance, 1978
100x130 sm.

Ref.# 71
Kostenko Lyubov

Mirage, 1976
120x150 sm.

Ref.# 76
Kostenko Lyubov

Trumpeter, 1978
70x80 sm.

Ref.# 192
Kostenko Lyubov

Violinist, 1978
60x70 sm.

Ref.# 201
Kostenko Lyubov

Parisienne, 1975
60x80 sm.

Ref.# 202
Kostenko Lyubov

Conductor Juri Temirkanov, 1976
80x100 sm.


Born in St Petersburg, Russia in 1947.

1959-65 Studied in Fine Art School of St Petersburg.
1965-71 Studied in the Academy of Art in St Petersburg. (Repin's Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture).
Member of the Artists Union of St Petersburg since 1975.

Permanently residing and working in Western Europe since 1991.

Works are held in following Museums and privat collections:

State Russian Museum,St.Petersburg,Russia.

Private Collections in CIS, USA, France, Austria, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Norway, Cuba, Israel, India, Nepal, Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia.

Luba Kostenko's paintings were included in the CD-ROM Encyclopaedia Masterpieces from the State Russian Museum in St Petersburg, Tenth to Twentieth century.

Reproductions of works were published in many Art magazines throughout the world, French Art Magazine Tableau among them.

2000 Group Exhibition, Peace and Colour Gallery, London. UK

2000 Group Exhibition, Wageningen, Holland.

1999 Solo Exhibition, Alkmaar, Holland.

1999 Leighton House Exhibition, London.

1999 Solo Exhibition, Utrecht, Holland.

1998 Solo Exhibition, Bodegraven, Holland.

1997 Solo Exhibition, Heusden, Holland.

1997 Solo Exhibition, Hernen Castle, Holland.

1997 Group Exhibition, Schiedam, Holland.

1997 Group Exhibition, Zeist, Holland.

1996 Private show, Salon Des Arts, London, UK.

1995 Solo Exhibition, Ede, Holland.

1995 A special reception & commission by His Eminence the Metropolitan of Limassol, Cyprus.

1994 Solo Exhibition, Ede, Holland.

1994 Participated in Art-Fair, Rosmalen, Holland.

1993 Solo Exhibition, Ede, Holland.

1993 Participated in Art-Fair, Rosmalen, Holland.

1992 Group Exhibition of Dutch Artists, Gondolo, Hungary.

1992 Solo Exhibition, Ede, Holland.

1992 Participated in Art-Fair, Rosmalen, Holland.

1991 Group Exhibition, 'Russian Art', Leiden, Holland.

1991 Solo Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden.

1991 Group Exhibition, 'International Art', Strangnas, Sweden.

1990 Exhibition of the Galleries, Hamburg, Germany.

1990 Group Exhibition, Katmandu, Nepal.

1990 Auction 'Tradition et Perestroyka', Galerie Drouot, Paris France.

1989 Auction 'L'Ecole de Leningrad', Galerie Drouot, Paris, France.

1989 Group Exhibition of Leningrad Artists, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

1988 Exhibition in Leningrad.

1988 Solo Exhibition, Museum of Art, Novosibirsk, Russia.

1988 Group Exhibition, Turku, Finland.

1987 Group Exhibition, Vienna, Austria.

1986 Group Exhibition, Dresden, Germany.

1985 Group Exhibition of Leningrad Artists, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

1985 Personal Exhibition, Central Art House, Tiflis, Georgia.

1984 Group Exhibition, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

1984 International Congress of Art and Exhibition, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

1984 Personal Exhibition, Leningrad.

1983 Exhibition in Pskov, Russia.

1982 Group Exhibition in Leningrad.

1982 Group Exhibition in Novgorod, Russia.

1981 Group Exhibition in Moscow.

1980 Exhibition of Landscapes.

1978 Personal Exhibition, Hall of Art, Leningrad, Russia.

1977 Exhibition in Leningrad ( St Petersburg ).

1976 Group Exhibition Moscow.

1975 Exhibition of portraits, Russian State Museum St Petersburg.

1973 Exhibition 'Self Portraits of Russian and Soviet Artists

Avant-garde category:
Abramyan Viktor
Bekaryan Dsovinar
Bogomolov Gleb
Dyshlenko Yuri
Gavriltchik Vladlen
Gurov Juri
Kirjanov Alexei
Kolomenkov Alexander
Kostenko Lyubov
Kuznetsov Viktor (Gipper Pupper)
Lotsman Alexander
Mikhailov Vyacheslav
Plotnikova Natalia
Pobogenski Wjatcheslav
Prinzev Alexei
Semjonov Alexander
Sergeev Leonid
Shirikova Tatiana
Siomash Juri
Sorokin Gennadi
Svetlanov Maxim
Zverev Nikolai



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