Kirjanov Alexei   Russian, 1963

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Ref.# 79
Kirjanov Alexei

Klown, 1978
90x90 sm.

Ref.# 240
Kirjanov Alexei

Klown with butterfly, 1978
80x90 sm.

Ref.# 241
Kirjanov Alexei

Seroius clown, 1978
60x70 sm.


Kirjanov Alexei graduated from the Voznesenskii Leningrad Financial and Economic Institute, V.I.Mukhina Leningrad Higher School of Arts and Crafts. Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

Works are in private collections in Russia, Cyprus, Germany, Australia, France, Belgium, Great Britain, USA, Japan, Italy, “Paltira” Gallery St. Petersburg, “Zero” Gallery Moscow.

"Kiryanov’s heroes are mostly those fools and hypocrites under the dunce’s cap of which strange and bitter wisdom is hidden. As a matter of fact, he describes one character who when being carried from some circumstances to others, changes himself together with them. But he is always alone in the changing world and he admits its vanity and fuss with sad and all-forgiving irony. The artists models the form with delicate persistence; his brush is refined and manifests unquestionable artistry. Kiryanov’s characters exist in a very beautiful but cold and almost dead world and in his every canvas a note of hopeless solitude — each wise man’s destiny — is sounding. The sadness of knowledge is the constant burden in Kiryanov’s canvases. Undoubtedly, the knowledge which he provides his characters with (and which he shares with them) gives significance to his painting and the generosity of colouring helps to overcome melancholy dissolving it in colour harmony." Michael Hernan

1988  Association “Novye peredvizhniki” - Young Geniuses. Art of XXI century; 1989 Group “Naitie”. Exhibition at the Malyi Theatre of opera and ballet, Leningrad, USSR;

1989  “Stalin yesterday, today, tomorrow”. Leningrad, Moscow, Vilnius, Riga, Sverdlovsk, Cheliabinsk. USSR;

1990  I Biennale of modern art, group “Naitie”. Exhibition in the lecture-hall of the State Russian Museum;

1990  Festival of Leningrad galleries “Spring Salon Lenexpo”, St.-Petersburg. USSR - Norway. Norway;

1991  One-artist show. 47 Gallery. London;

1992  II Biennale of modern art, “Ariadna” gallery, St.-Petersburg, Russia;

1992  Spring Salon Lenexpo, St.-Petersburg, Russia;

1992  International Art Exhibition “Tias”, Tokyo;

1992  One-artist show “Wonderful variety”, “Palitra” gallery, St.-Petersburg, Russia;

1993  “Art-Kollegia”, State Russian Museum. St.-Petersburg, Russia;

1993  Metropolitan Museum. Tokyo; 1993 Art Expo. New York;

1993  “Art - MIF III”. Moscow;

1994  “Art-Kollegia”, Klevidonpire Gallery, Great Britain;

1994  One-artist show “Items and persons”, Central Artist’s House on Krymskii Val, Moscow;

1994  One-artist show, “Palitra” gallery. St.-Petersburg, Russia;

1995  “Museums and collections”, Dusseldorf, Germany;

1996  “Art Moscow”. Manege. Moscow;

1997  “The whole Petersburg”. St.-Petersburg, Russia;

1997  “Art Moscow”. Moscow;

1998  International Moscow Art Salon of the Central Artist’s House, Alla Bulianskaia’s gallery. Moscow;

1998  Moscow Art - Salon, Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”, Alla Bulianskaia’s gallery. Moscow.

Avant-garde category:
Abramyan Viktor
Bekaryan Dsovinar
Bogomolov Gleb
Dyshlenko Yuri
Gavriltchik Vladlen
Gurov Juri
Kirjanov Alexei
Kolomenkov Alexander
Kostenko Lyubov
Kuznetsov Viktor (Gipper Pupper)
Lotsman Alexander
Mikhailov Vyacheslav
Plotnikova Natalia
Pobogenski Wjatcheslav
Prinzev Alexei
Semjonov Alexander
Sergeev Leonid
Shirikova Tatiana
Siomash Juri
Sorokin Gennadi
Svetlanov Maxim
Zverev Nikolai



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