Oboznenko Dmitri    Russian, 1930 - 2004

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Ref.# 262
Oboznenko Dmitri

Wildflowers, 1980
60x80 sm.

Ref.# 349
Oboznenko Dmitri

Nu, 1990
60x80 sm.

Ref.# 442
Oboznenko Dmitri

Anja, 1970
50x60 sm.

Ref.# 450
Oboznenko Dmitri

In the field, 1991
70x80 sm.

Ref.# 542
Oboznenko Dmitri

Pottle, 1956
40x60 sm.

Ref.# 557
Oboznenko Dmitri

Brook, 1985
70x80 sm.


(Autobiography) "I was born in Lenigrad on June 10, 1930. I studied in Art School of Art Academy and Repin Institute under guidance of Prof.
A.I.Serebryakov. I graduated the latter institution in 1957. My creative work was influenced by World War II (1941-1945), life in besieged Leningrad, work at mine factory (that was producing mines), war stories, documentary movies. Those difficult times brought many subjects to my works, such as Attack from Oranienbaum on January 14, 1944, Nevsky spot, Summer of 1941, Brave death, Victory and etc. I want to bring my experience and emotions to people through my works. As many other artists I was working in genre of landscaping. My landscapes are dedicated to my home city as well as cities from Italy and Cambodia. I was also working in old historic Russian regions Suzdal, Rostov the Great, Tver. I taught Art in Cambodia and during that time I made many landscape and portrait paintings, compositions and drawings. After returning home I organized an exhibition devoted to that period of my life.

During my student years I was participating in satire wall newspaper. A Publishing House noticed my hobby and I was invited to join Fighting pen cartoons. During that times I created more than 300 posters, satiric portraits, humored sketches and caricatures. All these experiences formed me as an artist. In order to continue my experimenting I have recently created Night Ring, The beauty and Commissars, The Reds have come about early turmoil times of Soviet State.

I was born in the city where almost everything is related to art. The city was my first teacher. I owe my professional choice to St.Petersburg."

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