Mikhailov Vyacheslav   Russian, 1945

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Mikhailov Vyacheslav

Young men portrait(conversation with the Rembrandt), 1985
60x80 sm.


Vyacheslav Mikhailov (b.1945) graduated the Repin Institute of St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1977. He is a member of the Russian Union of Artists since 1979; the State Artists Association of Italy “ITALART” since 1993. Vyacheslav Mihailov lives and works in St.Petersburg. Since 1977 he has taken part in over 200 exhibitions in Russia and abroad (among them 40 one man shows).
Michailov has won in Russian Exibition in Paris "RUSSIAN BEAUTY" first prize in 1982.

Mihailov’s works are held in the following museums and private collections:
· Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

· Ludwig Museum in the Chinese Art Gallery, Peking, China
· Modern Art Museum, Moscow, Russia
· State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
· State Gallery of Arts, Mandal, Norway
· Theater and Music Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
· State Museum of Arts, Shanghai, China
· Russia Art Museum, Kiev, Ukraine
· St. Petersburg Museum of City History,
. Art Museum, Tampere, Finland
· Zimmerli Art Museum, New Jersey, USA
· Ludwig Museum, Cologne, Germany
· Russia S. Krasnov’s Collection, Moscow, Russia
· St .Petersburg :State University Art Collection
. St. Petersburg, A.Stepanov’s Collection, Moscow, Russia
· N. Dodge’s Collection, New York, USA
· M.Legrand’s Collection, Paris, France
· F.Visconti’s Collection, Milan, Italy
· Pushkin Historical Museum, St. Petersburg
. T.Korpela’s Collection, Helsinki, Finland
· T.Guerro’s Collection, Rimini, Italy
· State Art Gallery, Perm, Russia
· Detleff Auwerman’s Collection, Frankfurt, Germany
· State Museums of Arts, Magnitogorsk, Russia
· V.Gardson’s Collection, Brussels, Belgium
· State Art Gallery, Vologda, Russia
· Novosibirsk Picture Gallery, Novisibirsk, Russia
· State Museum of Arts, Tyumen, Russia
· Culture Fund of Russia, Moscow, Russia
· State Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
· Museum of Arts, Narva, Estonia

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